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"We all have issues. At Yielded Men, we work through all these issues from God’s perspective."

Who & What?

Yielded Men is a weekly meeting open to all men who want to discuss what they are going through in life, along with looking for God’s perspective. Each week, we address a specific issue that most every man faces in life, then we discuss the issue with other men who share ideas and motivations to deal with the issue, and we use God’s word as the standard to live by.

Where & When?

Yielded Men meets (most) every Friday morning at 7:00 a.m. at Moe's Original Barbecue in Peachtree Corners. The meeting lasts one hour.

Yielded Men
Moe's Original Barbecue
5005 Peachtree Pkwy #810
Peachtree Corners, GA 30092


It’s very interesting to watch how men process things. Most men need other men to help point the way through teaching. Other men need someone to walk along with them. This is what we do at Yielded Men. When two people get together they will only discuss a certain amount of information. When three men are together, the openness seems to go beyond their own expectations. Yielded Men provides an atmosphere of trust and encouragement. None of us have arrived, and we need each other to hear from God as well as to develop deeper male relationships.

Who Is Fred Wilson?

Fred is a Transition Coach, Devoted Husband and Father of 4 children. He looks to help anyone move from where they are to a closer alignment with where God wants them to be.

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Fred Wilson

Fred Wilson

Yielded Men
Leader and Transition Coach

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